Competition regulations

You can find more information on the conditions of participation in the competition regulations.

Regulations Moon Light Fight 2024

By paying the entry fee after registration, the following competition regulations are accepted. These also apply as general terms and conditions.

  1. Insurance and liability
    The Moon Light Fight is a competition in the snow. The organizers accept no liability for any damage to persons or equipment resulting from participation. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
  2. Organization of the Moon Light Fight
    The decision to hold the Moon Light Fight is made by the organizing committee in consultation with the local contact persons of Saastal Bergbahnen AG. Possible reasons for cancellation include - insufficient snow in the competition area - unfavorable weather conditions (e.g. storm). - Unforeseen environmental influences or events. Participants will be informed as soon as possible in the event of cancellation.
  3. Refund of the entry fee
    A registration is only valid if the entry fee has been paid. If the Moon Light Fight is not held due to unfavorable weather or snow conditions, the entry fee will not be refunded. Registered participants will receive a voucher and can use it to register for next year's event.
  4. Film and video recordings
    Registered participants agree to the use of photographic and film material from the competition for the illustration of programme booklets, ranking lists, websites, advertisements and for other PR purposes of the organizer and its sponsors and partners.
  5. Competition mode
    Two competitors ride two courses running parallel to each other. The competitor with the better time advances to the next round. The two courses will be matched as closely as possible in terms of terrain and snow conditions. The competitors cannot decide which of the two courses they ski. The courses are drawn by lot.
  6. Equipment
    The wearing of racing suits is expressly forbidden. Helmets must be worn. Additional protective equipment such as back protectors or pads are recommended by the organizers.
  7. Gates, gate flags and course setting
    The course will be flagged with giant slalom gates. The distance from gate to gate is 14 meters (+/- 2 meters). There is a free choice of snow sports equipment, but the organizers recommend slalom skis.
  8. Disqualification
    If a gate is not passed on the correct side with both skis, the participant will be disqualified. Disqualification will also be imposed on the competitor who obstructs the opponent. In case of doubt, the race jury will decide. An appeal against this decision is not possible.
  9. Course inspection
    Prior inspection of the course on skis is expressly not permitted.
  10. Possible adjustments
    Possible adjustments to the competition regulations by the organizers are possible due to the situational circumstances on the day of the competition.Moon Light Fight regulations By paying the entry fee after registration, the following competition regulations are accepted.

These competition regulations also apply as general terms and conditions of the Moon Light Fight organizers (Moon Light Fight Association).

Saas-Fee, 16.02.2024
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